Softer Skin Around Your Eyes - Eliminate Dark Under Eye Circles Now

If you lead an active and healthy lifestyle and get adequate sleep it can be very discouraging to find under eye circles on your face. People are inclined to believe you are unwell or stay up all night when they see you looking like this. In actual fact, there are numerous factors that could cause under eye dark circles to develop on your face.

As you age your body will begin to produce less of the protective skin protein collagen which makes your skin layers to get thinner. Because of these changes the numerous tiny blue colored blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin around your eyes could be more easily visible. This could cause the skin surface to look darker and discolored.

Genetics and heredity are a significant factor in the health of an individual's skin and determines whether the person will develop under eye circles. If their parents had them the odds of developing this problem increases. People of some races can also get dark circles owing to irregularities in the skin pigmentation. This is of particular concern to people of Asian or black heritage.

A wide range of allergic reactions to things like pets, food stuffs and environmental components often leads to under eye black circles developing. Individuals who have known allergies or those who have problems with dark circles on a daily basis and do not know the reason for it should consult with their health care professional. Sinusitis and nasal congestion may also be the reason and this can often be resolved by the use of over the counter drugs.

Individuals who have under eye black circles should be aware that this could possibly be a visible sign of an internal health problem. Dark circles usually form on people who have thyroid or kidney related problems. In such cases a consultation with a doctor is essential.

Issues associated with your living style could be an important factor in the creation of under eye dark circles. Chronic emotional stress and anxiety often leads to insufficient sleep or insomnia that can cause puffy eyes. Smoking affects the skin health a lot and is one of the major reasons for skin drying and formation of dark circles so anybody who has this habit need to quit. Chronic or excessive use of alcohol can lead to many health conditions including black circles so if this is causing the problem then a reduction in drinking is recommended.

If you like to spend a lot of time out of doors then you your skin is exposed to the damaging uv rays from the sun. This will cause your skin to produce a skin darkening pigment called melanin in order to protect itself. The changes in the pigmentation are most apparent in the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. Be certain to wear a good pair of sunglasses and apply a high spf factor sunscreen lotion when outside.

Once you have under eye black circles there are some solutions to the problem that you can use at home. A simple way to reduce discoloration and swelling is to place any chilled item such as a cucumber slices or metal spoons on the eyes. This remedy works instantaneously however the effect is unfortunately only temporary. Chilled green tea bags are a preferred choice for eye packs because they include an anti-inflammatory substance in them. You can also help to replenish the protective protein collagen in your skin by applying creams or lotions that have it as an ingredient.

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